The Axe in the Ceiling


The Axe in the Ceiling is a story about a newly married couple on a journey of self-discovery, through a series of absurd events. Chhaya is a playful, imaginative woman who has always lovingly walked the path that she’s been taught to walk. Hunar is a responsible, self-reliant man who has always provided well for himself and made Good Decisions. Their relationship begins with an axe in the ceiling, and peaks with a bird net in a corn field. Their journey together rocks their individual stability and reveals gaps in their self-image, compelling them to reflect on what they truly want and whether they have what it takes to get it. The Axe in the Ceiling is a story of vulnerability, human connection, villain-less antagonism, resilience, and rising from the ashes. It is performed in waves of absurdity, realism, comedy, romance, and philosophical reflection. This production provokes deep thought and holds up a mirror to our own relationships, but is ultimately a show that offers hope and validates our individual experiences in the world. Adapted from a household tale by the Brothers Grimm.
Theatre/Venue NameThe Motley Bauhaus, Carlton
Venue address118 Elgin St, Carlton VIC
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Saturday 7 October at 4 pm

Sunday 8 October at 4 pm

Saturday 14 October at 4 pm

Saturday 21 October at 4 pm

Sunday 22 October at 4 pm

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Box office phone number+61 (03) 9660 9666
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